The first fresh grated cheese in a compostable bag.

Throw the empty bag with your wet waste

Our fresh grated cheese has now got a new eco-friendly package that preserves the quality of the product for a long time.

Use it in your recipes, keep it in the fridge and once you finish it… throw the empty bag with your wet waste.

With this new, completely compostable pack, Maser Formaggi commits to a sensible reduction of plastic use in packaging, working for a cleaner environment and for a sustainable production.

An ethical and innovative choice that addresses the ever-growing request to reduce the use of plastic materials.

As part of our mission, we involve research and development to make this green philosophy grow in our company specialized in the production and packaging of grated and portioned cheese.

According to the EU Commission, of all the 350 million tons of plastic that are produced every year in the world, only 9% gets recycled. Our choice to use compostable packages for our cheese is part of a real contribution and an important signal that we care about this cause.