Maser, Best Italian Grana

The numbers of quality

Since 1890 we have been renewing our respect for the tradition, constantly committed to research and innovation.

Today we select and pack excellence cheese such as Grana Padano and PDO Pecorino Romano, which come grated, sliced, slivered or mixed for exclusive recipes in tried and tested “long shelf-life” packs.

Find us in 30 countries in the sectors of food service, catering, hospitality, food industry and cruise ships.

Since 2014 we have been working in Caerano San Marco (Treviso) in our ultramodern headquarters where cutting-edge technologies enhance the flavours of nature.

Italy’s aroma since 1890

We are loved worldwide because of all the good we have done - a poem of scents and flavours.

Our country is sun kissed and ruled by seasons; our land is generous, every landscape bears its own fruits.

Our plains, the golden hills are fertile, animals feed on nature.

Since 1890 we have taken Italy’s authentic aroma around the world through our luxury cheese.

The landscapes of taste

We live and work in one of Italy’s most beautiful corners, home to Andrea Palladio’s harmonious Villa Barbaro and the charming Asolo, bustling with artists; further North are the vineyards of Prosecco Superiore whereas to the South lies the plain of Treviso, with its well-known Trevisano radicchio.

Flavours and beauty have been around here for centuries.

Our history

excellence always has
a long story